About Us

How It All Started

The Local Beauty was created to assist local beauty professionals with their visibility online. The goal was simple, to allow beauty professionals to be found online by new and current clients. After discussing with many friends in the beauty industry, they let us know that when moving locations or salons, they would loose clientele and have to build it back up over time, we had to create a solution.

Our Website Helps Local People Find Your Business

The Local Beauty is a highly customized website that is built to allow google and all other search engines list your business services for the world to see at ease. Looking to service multiple locations, no problem… Add unlimited service areas to your Beauty Listing and get noticed all over. With a fully customizable business profile page you now have the freedom to showcase your work, list your beauty services, and post your pricing for everyone to see.

Grow Your Buseinss By Offering Mobile Services

We also allow the ability for letting clients know you will come to them. Mobile Beauty Services are a big trend now that everyone is looking to save time. Offering your Beauty Services at the location requested by your clients is an added value and will grow your business.

Marketing Your Services is a Must!

A lot of Stylist and other Beauty Professionals allow the company that they work for to post them on the staff page of their website. When they move to another salon, clients call that salon for a booking and they let the person know, you are no longer with the Salon and recommend that the customer book with another stylist they have available. This is a huge problem. The Local beauty allows you to easily be found online if a client is searching for you since you are no longer with the salon. This is the best way to ensure that clients can always contact you if you decide to change locations. You can place your direct number for clients to contact your cell phone or purchase a client vanity number on our subscription page that will enable you to create a local or toll free number to forward anywhere you would like (see client vanity number for more information).

Client Vanity Number

Our Client Vanity Number service allows you to create a unique phone number for your business. We have the ability to setup:

  • Local Business Phone Number
  • Toll Free Business Phone Number

Forward the number to your current salon for bookings and allow people to save the number as your contact. If you change salons, let us know and we can direct all calls to your new salon so the client will always be able to locate your services. Want to provide mobile services and not give out your personal number, this is the perfect service for you. Client Vanity Number’s are the best way for you to publish your business and know when its a client calling for only $10 a month.

Why Not to use Social Media for your Beauty Business

Most Beauty Professionals use facebook or other social media to connect with clients and that can be helpful but is often times harmful due to clients viewing personal posts. Viewing all of the posts from other beauty professionals has caused many clients to leave and go to other professionals because of one reason or another.