Frequently Asked Questions

Our specialty is online marketing and driving traffic to websites. We have an internet marketing team that works all day long to get you more business. While you’re making money, we are spending money and time all over the web to generate you new clientele and get your services noticed by people in your area. Sounds great, huh! Sign up now>

No, the local beauty is billed monthly, and you can cancel at any time. No contract, no questions.

Our website has a visitor count on each and every business page. You can see how many people have viewed your page in total and how many views you have received today.

We hate to see you leave… If you would like to cancel, contact us via email at or call us M-F from 10 AM – 5 PM at 888-343-0403 and our customer services will be glad to assist you.

The Local beauty is a marketing website. We want you to think of your services like a business, after all, it is. Our team spends time and money advertising all over the internet every day to ensure that we get people from your area searching for your services. We bring the clients to your business profile. Yelp doesn’t submit individuals to search engines with great results. Yelp isn’t specialized in the beauty industry, and they are a generic directory.

Social media is perfect for showing off to friends. It also opens up the ability for potential or current clients to see more about your personal life that might not be something that they approve of, they might have different beliefs, and they might love Hillary, and you love Trump. I am sure you get the point. Social media will not give you the maximum exposure when people are searching on Google, the most powerful search engine. Our website was created to be best friends with Google, and our business pages show up great online. We are also directing people to our site that are searching for beauty services in your city. Those visitors are actively looking for a stylist and can’t be found via social media. We bring the business to your page.

Contact us via email at or call us M-F from 10 AM – 5 PM at 888-343-0403 and our customer services will be glad to assist you.

It should take one week to show up (or less). If it’s been a week and your page is not showing up in Google, please contact us via email at or call us M-F from 10 AM – 5 PM at 888-343-0403 and our customer services will escalate your submission right away to ensure your found ASAP.

The title of your page is what is submitted to google and will be what you need to customize if you are looking to show up with other keywords. For instance:

Let’s say your page name was: Sally Jones Hair Services

You want to show up also for extensions.

Change your page title to: Sally Jones Hair Stylist & Hair Extensions

Now if someone types in Google Sally Jones Hair Stylist – your page will come up

If someone types in Google Sally Jones Hair Extensions – your page will come up

Contact us if you need assistance or suggestions on how to best name your page and we will be glad to assist via email at or call us M-F from 10 AM – 5 PM at 888-343-0403.

Don’t worry; we use PayPal payments pro as our merchant services provider, and they are the world leading payment processor and know that your data is secure and will not be provided to any other companies. When you checkout and provide payment details we send you to PayPal’s secure website and the checkout process is secure. We value your business and ensure that your information is safe.

City locations populate on The Local Beauty as Beauty professionals in that area sign up. If you don’t see your city yet, once you sign up and publish your page, your town will show up automatically. An even better thing to mention is; if you are the first one to sign up in your area, you will be the one gaining all the activity from people visiting the website in your area. Less competition equals more clients! Another point to mention is that after you sign up and add your city, we submit your town to google and run ad campaigns all over the internet to drive traffic right to your page.

We drive people looking for your services, in your area, to the website. If you are the first one to sign up, as those visitors are looking for services, they will all view your profile.

Sure, we are always looking to add new relevant fields to your page template. Please contact us via email at or call us M-F from 10 AM – 5 PM at 888-343-0403 and our customer services will create that field right away.

Do you have a great network of beauty professionals? Would you like to get paid for each listing that is submitted? Please contact us via email at or call us M-F from 10 AM – 5 PM at 888-343-0403 and we would love to discuss how you can help us grow.

As soon as you sign up, we start to advertise in your area and will start to see right around 1,000 visitors in the first month. As more people sign up, that number will grow and our marketing budget will increase.

We are an internet marketing company and know how to get traffic to our site. Once you sign up and your city is populated, you will start to see traffic within 5 days of publishing your page. We spend time on search engine optimization and place paid ad’s to ensure that your city and page will be found online by new potential clients searching for your services.

To attract new customers via our website, you will need to create a quality profile page with excellent portfolio, services information, and attract the client. We can also help you build your page, Contact us and we would be glad to help. We estimate that a good stylist or beauty professional should receive about 2-5 new or old clients per month from the website. Remember, former clients might be googling your name to locate your latest place of business also. The local Beauty will drive local people searching for your services to the site, all you have to do is create a professional page and show off your talent.